About us

A few words about our company

Creative solutions, world class design for every budget, and the highest quality of products and services, is what distinguishes our company in the market.

Harimex is an importer of Italian and Spanish tile manufacturers known and respected across the world, including Atlas Concorde, Aparici, Peronda.

Our regular sales offer includes the highest quality sanitary ceramics, shower stalls, bathtubs, sanitary fittings of companies known for their quality, durability and unique design, including Artceram, Globo, Flaminia, Kermi, SanSwiss, Fima, Hansgrohe.

We are aware that the unique design of our products gives great joy to our customers and adds prestige and luxury to the interiors. We know that both work and rest can be really enjoyable in beautiful interiors. This is proven by thousands of satisfied customers who have bought our products over the past 20 years.

We offer:

• Ceramic tiles – from Italian, Spanish and Polish manufacturers, in all possible formats, with various shapes, colors and functionality
• Sanitary ceramics – from the world’s leading manufacturers
• Shower stalls – in standard sizes and in custom sizes, tailored to the needs of the customer
• Bathtubs – classic and designer items, with various forms, shapes, sizes and functionality
• Bathroom furniture – modern and traditional, standing, hanging, integrated with wash basins, in any colors and sizes
• Fittings – including both bathroom and kitchen fittings. Adapted to the style of the given room, in various, often intriguing shapes
• Bathroom accessories – they often determine the special character of the interior, providing it with tasteful and unique design
• Heating technology – for all premises and especially bathrooms. Any sizes, shapes and forms, as well as colors and structures

Retail client

We are inviting all retail clients to our showrooms in Rumia, Gdynia and Gdansk.

Successively extended offer, adapted for current market trends and the best quality of products offered by us cause that we can to satisfy even the most requiring clients!

We sale the best sanitary ceramics, shower cubicles, bathtubs, fittings of companies well-known for the permanence and the unique design as: Artceram, Kermi, Hansgrohe.

Our sellers are advisers whichperfectly they are inform with the latest trend as well as creatively are suggesting a good solution. Check our offer and visit one of our showrooms.

Designers and Architects

Are you architect or designer ? We invite to the cooperation, thanks to our offer you will be able to fulfil all design assumptions and provide your Customers with comprehensive services.

You can get all details concerning principles of cooperation contacting our showrooms employees.

Why it is worth to co-operate with Harimex?

  • We are honest business partner and we offer the profitable conditions of cooperation.
  • We have a very great exhibition of tiles of Italian and Spanish producers,
  • Thanks to superbly the stored warehouses we assure commodity from the hand for 7 days in the week,
  • We provide with the comprehensive offer and the professional consulting.

Investment Customers

Are you developer, building investor, a subcontractor to a client that conducts a corporate object? You search for solid Business Partner? Our rich offer will be fitted to your needs.

We guarantee the high standard and the comprehensive support at every stage of cooperation as well as we provide with attractive prices, and in case of signing the period contract - very beneficial additional discounts.

We are serving:

  • housing estates,
  • hotels, boarding houses, holiday houses,
  • restaurants, bars, pubs,
  • schools, offices, clinics, hospitals,
  • sports halls,
  • service establishments and shopping centres,
  • offices and studies,
  • swimming pools.

We are inviting for the cooperation!

Wholesale Customers

A cooperation with wholesale recipients is one of pillars of the operations of the Harimex company.

We are honest business partner and we offer the profitable conditions of cooperation.From beginning of existence, we try to support trade partners by our knowledge and experience.

Long-term contacts with foreign producers are ensuring that we are able to offer wholesale companies the highest quality of products in minimum prices on the market. In case of signing the period contract - very beneficial additional discounts.

Necessary condition to the beginning of wholesale cooperation with our firm is a contact with our wholesale department and the possession of stationary or Internet shop.

A few facts

World design, best quality of products and services it distinguishes our offer on the market.




Visit us

We invite you to visit our showrooms where you can get a free of charge advice of our architects.

On the products bought in our showroom we offer transport on territory of whole Poland and also long-term guarantee.